Sunday, November 3, 2013

House day 1: It's Halloween... let's do this!

10/31/13 we closed on our house! At one point, this day seemed like it would never arrive! We were supposed to close the week before, but due to some random circumstances, it didn't happen that way. But what can you do, besides go with the flow (and grumble a little)?

Here we are outside the lawyer's office, happy as can be, with the K-E-Y-S!

After the papers were signed and the keys officially ours, we decided to go shopping! Not just any shopping... RUG shopping! I've been dream shopping for rugs online for months and now the time was here to actually start buying. We decided to go to Gaffney, SC to the Rug & Home store to check out the sale they had going on. BTW... looking at rugs is no joke. It's a bit tiring, which is comical to admit. Alex did most of the "turning" of the rugs on hooks and I did the looking and deciding. We left with 2 rugs for the den and living room, paid for by gift cards we saved from the wedding. I knew those would be clutch one day! Thank you to our friends and family that provided them! :)

Here are the two rugs we chose... What do you think?

We arrived back to the new house around 8:40pm to drop these off and nearly immediately, trick-or-treaters started ringing the door bell... over and over again. What a great sign for next year's turn out, although we were SO not prepared for this year (actually, we were, but the candy was at our apartment)! I never imagined kids would still be out that late. I promise we will be ready in 2014! :)

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