Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let the project(s) commence!

The first thing I'd like to say is, my parents are amazingly awesome. We closed on the house last Thursday; Friday morning they started work on the house while Alex and I were at work. In one morning they had already taken down the wallpaper in the kitchen and started painting in the master bedroom. Plus, my dad brought over tools and supplies galore. How great is that?

Alex and I had purchased paint Thursday night (primer, master bedroom, guest bathroom and ceiling paint) so we picked up where my parents left off earlier in the day. Friday night we taped off the master bedroom and did a 2nd coat in one of the very RED closets in the master.

Check these red babies out... they were so dark!

Here goes coat 1 on closet #1... my brave father blazing the trail! We started with Kilz primer.

And here's mom pulling down the wallpaper in the kitchen. We were blessed that it just came right off... POOF! You're gone, old stuffy wallpaper! Thanks, mom! :)
Here's the kitchen, sans wallpaper, and Alex later that night working on the 1st closet again. What a great start for work day 1!

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