Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday snow day?

Happy Sunday! It's supposed to snow majorly tonight and I'm super stoked! For now I'm just enjoying indulging in my girlie weekly shows... and loving it! Don't hate, but I loooove watching Sarah Palin's Alaska, Real Housewives (currently watching Atlanta but also love Beverly Hills) and House Hunter's on HGTV. To defend myself, I'll explain further... :)

I'm completely and totally into reality TV. I'd prefer it to actually BE reality, rather than rehearsed, but as long as it's funny and at least semi-entertaining, I'm down. I've enjoyed Sarah Palin's Alaska because it has really showcased what the state itself has to offer. I never realized how diverse and BEAUTIFUL it was, but now I'm stoked to go visit it. And if Alex, my boyfriend, has it his way one day, it will be our full-time home. I don't function well in cold climates, but the scenery and adventures that state holds has the potential to win me over!

For the Real Housewives, I like it because I love to witness their drama, knowing it has NOTHING to do with  me! ha! I've definitely encountered some drama in my days, but I'm happy (and proud) to say those days are gone, gone, gone. It's also so fun/funny to see how seriously these woman take themselves and their house"lives". A very few of them are straight up, the rest are cray-cray in my book. They also make me daydream of what I would/could do with the money they have at their fingertips! haha

For HGTV, my mom got me hooked on this as a child. I've always LOVED cooking and decorating shows and the passion for me only grows! I especially love any of the House Hunters, Income Property, Property Virgins, My First Place and For Rent (this one I can really relate to at work!). I love anything to do with realestate, looking at houses, apartments, etc and imagining how everything will be set up. In another life, I want to be Jodi Gilmour, except in the US, not Canada.. hehe.

Well, I'm off to dream about the overnight snow we're supposed to be getting here. It's supposed to be the biggest snow we've had since I was 5 or 6 years old back in the mid 80's. We shall see soon enough, won't we?! I'd love to build a monumental snow man tomorrow! xxxxxFINGERSCROSSEDxxxxx

Nighty Night!

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