Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ode to my first wrinkle:

Dear first wrinkle: I loathe you.

I feel obligated to document this since it is my first, after all. I should have known this wrinkle was coming since my mother has an identical one in the same exact place, but it caught me off guard nonetheless!

One morning about a month ago I woke up to find a crease to the right of my nose that goes up towards my eye. What a weird place for a wrinkle. After much obsession, I've figured out that it's 100% caused by the way I sleep. I've tried desperately to sleep in different positions but apparently I can only be comfortable when I'm squishing my cheek into my nose... ha! I've actually lost a lot of sleep over this because I wake up often to try to make sure I'm not causing the wrinkle to get worse. As soon as I wake up I touch the spot to see how bad it is and it's the first thing (and last thing) I look at in the mirror. I think I'm taking things too far.

I finally broke down and bought some *gasp* L'Oréal wrinkle cream, specifically for fine lines. I've been trying my absolute best to use this morning, night and any other time I think of it to try and stop this little booger in its tracks! So far, I've been some-what successful. I know this stuff will take several weeks to over a month to really do its "thing" but I have noticed some improvement already. I'm really happy about that, but so bummed to see that my skin isn't as young as it used to be.

Basically, this entire thing was a wake-up call for my age. I mean, I'm only 28, but I still want to be 21! That was probably one of the best years of my life...I had total freedom. Ahhh the good ole days. Anyway... I'm really almost 29, which is even scarier. At 21 I just didn't know how fast the years would go by. I have almost 3 months (93 days to be exact) until the last birthday of my 20's occurs. I want to be able to look back and see that my 29th year was one of substance, not just one of obsessing over wrinkles, dark spots, slower metabolism and starting-to-semi-sag skin (although those things will still cross my mind 50x a day!).

So to wrap this all up, I will write one last ode to my first wrinkle:

Dear first wrinkle: Although I still loathe you, I also thank you for reminding me of how quickly life is passing me by and to make the best and most of the rest of the days given to me. I also hope you aren't immune to my anti-wrinkle cream and will be a good little line and just GO AWAY. :)

p/s, is it time for me to get one of these face masks yet? If it works, I may have to! ha!

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