Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have you seen the new SC license?

I'm totally impressed that South Carolina finally updated the layout of their license/ID cards! Alex's old one fell apart so we went down to the main DMV in Greenville in mid-December and got a new one for him. Now, keep in mind, he didn't "renew" his old license, he just had to get a replacement one. I say this because his is oriented vertically, where a typical one will actually be horizontal. If you're under 18 (or is it 21?) at the time the license is originally issued it will be the vertical layout you see below.

I just wanted to share because it took me (happily) by surprise! They replaced his for free since his old one was peeling and fading badly. A good deal if you ask me! And it only took about 15 minutes with the better systems the DMV is using these days. And with this new layout I feel like we are finally "with the times", just because so many other states have pretty nifty looking IDs already. Go us...? ha

What to you think about the new ID design? I want one!

p/s As a TIGER fan myself, I'm disappointed in the color choices of the ID.... this is Tiger country, is it not? ;-) hehe

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