Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last "snow day" but the snow is still here!

As I type, there are 49 states with snow on the ground right now. What? Does this sound as crazy to you as it does to me? Snowmaggedon 2011 has definitely made an impression on all of us. I had a lot of fun with it at first... spend the majority of Monday, the first day of fresh snow, playing and taking pictures with Alex and taking on my own personal mission of the biggest snowman I could make on my own (accomplished, by the way!!). It has left me dog tired, which is kind of humerous to me. But now, I'm over it.

I've stayed home from work for 3 days and including the weekend I've been off 5 straight days unplanned. The first day was awesome, and even most of the second day, but today was basically torture to be stuck at home. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the time to myself, but not when it's forced on me. The roads in my apt community finally dried up for the most part, with a lot of hard work from their maintenance crew (except the several areas where there are heavy trees and speed bumps! Eek!). It fooled me into thinking the roads on the outside would be just as clear. NOT SO! That fact actually made me feel a little better about missing work - just that at least now I know it was more worth it to miss and be safe and I wasn't just overracting.

Alex and I also decided to walk to the gym around 5pm. Now keep in mind, the gym is right outside our back door, maybe 15 steps, and those steps where my scariest ones of the day! Our back patio is literally completely ice... a few inches thick on the majority of it, whith my purdy snow man in the middle, too. :) He's cool and all, but his frozen friends are not. Huge icicles had falled off the roof of the building, some a full inch+ thick. Those puppies could hurt someone for sure! Alex wasn't phased by this ice, of course, being born in Germany and living there for 17 years, plus he just got back from a 2 week skiing trip there, but it's a different story for me. I inched along the edge of the house, holding onto anything I could. Then we walked a few steps up the steep-ish hill to the gym steps and I was slow as a snail, while he jumped right up there. After the workout I was twice as nervous because the temp had dropped several degrees and frozen everything again. Bottom line, I made it home safe but totally stressed out! haha

So to make this long story short, because I could go on and on, I'm semi-sad to report the following:
1) My back hurts from sitting on the couch so much
2) All of my dreams each night have had a snow-theme to them. Mostly me waking up afraid that I had made up the big snow and was missing work unexcused and would be fired or some other nonsense.
3) The house isn't very clean, despite 72+ hours that I could have taken care of that in. Although I have cooked a TON and did clean all of those dishes each time. (Gold star for me!)

I am happy to share that:
1) I spent lots of time with my Alex and kittens
2) I got some art projects done!
3) I cut and made my fingernails and toenails look pretty and lovely
4) We burned tons of yummy smelling candles

Well, I hope you enjoyed my pointless post! :) Night!

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