Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I have a cutting problem... a COOKIE cutting problem that is!

Umm... yeah... so I'm addicted to buying cookie cutters.

Dear cookie cutters: For some reason, I love you. I see you in the store and I must have you (especially when you're on clearance!!). When I start to use you to make pretty cookies I cannot stop myself. Please help me just to say "no"! (For the sake of my waistline and lack of sleep from late nights of playing with icing!)

My sister's creations.. we had FUN!
So the title of this totally explains itself, but I seriously have grown to love cookie cutters over the past few months. I've always loved using them with my mom and sister around Christmas time. It's one of the things we normally do during the holidays (bake and decorate cutie cookies) and this year wasn't any different. I also made custom cookies for all of my co-workers as gifts this year. Fun, fun, fun! I love giving the cookies their own little personalities... it's like a mini-painting or drawing, which is right up my alley!

Right after Christmas I was at the outlet mall in Commerce, GA and went into a cooking/chef store where they had the most amazing cookie cutters and rolling pins I had ever seen. My (wonderful and very patient) boyfriend allowed me to indulge myself as I looked at all of them for what seemed like a year and then he offered to buy them for me!!! Eeeeekkk!!! He got me 50 alphabet and number cut-outs... which I promptly used for New Year's cookies!!! Woop-woop! I LOVED making NYE (new year's eve) and 2011 cut-out cookies!

Since then I've purchased 3 more sets of cutters and held myself back from buying countless others. To defend myself, they were all under $3.00 per package... two of them I got on Christmas clearance at Walmart for $1.00 a piece! A steal in my book. My newest ones are the concentric hearts, which will definitely be used come early February! I'm ridiculously excited about that.

Sadly, when I get out of control making all of these cookies I rarely eat them all! And they are so pretty I have a hard time throwing them away... maybe that's why I still have a huge tub of New Year's cookies I can't part with (but will never eat at this point!!!)????? All I can do is laugh at myself and enjoy the creative process.

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