Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bravo to the BRAVO TV Network!

I'll be honest: Bravo TV takes up most of my TV watching time when I'm home alone or allowed to control the remote. From The Real Housewives phenomenon, Tabatha's Salon Takeover, to Flipping out, Project Runway, their brilliant cooking shows, Millionaire Matchmaker and sooo many more amazing shows, I think it's time they feature something out of South Carolina.

So, in honor of the net-to-last show of season 3 of RHOA... (and the finale of Beverly Hills that just aired)...

Dear Bravo TV:

I was doing some thinking today and I believe it's time that South Carolina had it's turn in your TV spotlight. Now, although it's up to you what type of show you choose to do based out of our lovely state, I would like to suggest 2 options:

1) The Real Housewives of Greenville (or if you must, Columbia, but give a shout out to us G'ville ladies!). Trust me, we have plenty of interesting ladies to cover in our area. Really, the best spin on it would be ladies that are either about to be a so-called housewife or are just young professionals. More like RHW "the next generation".

2) Rentalvention... or Leasin' Out... or Community... something covering the multi-family housing industry and rental market in Greenville, SC. We can have our own version of The Young and the Restless!!! I promise that enough happens in one week in this industry that it could fuel a show for months, seeing as how it normally takes 1 week in TV land to complete 1-2 days in the real world. :)

Anyhoos... contact me when you're ready to talk business! I'd love to consult on and be in some of your shows!


Well, those are my random thoughts for the night... now it's time to watch this season finale (I mean, almost season finale... getting too head of myself here!)! Thanks for keeping your loyal fans entertained night after night! Even if some of the drama is scripted, we all still love it.

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