Sunday, January 23, 2011

NERDS: The answer to all things creative?

These days my head is swimming with ideas of how to get my art business booming. My interests fall into so many categories, it's hard to even get started. As those of you who are following my blog and FineArtbyLC page on Facebook have seen, I'm mostly doing colored pencil drawings and paintings. What you may not know is that I'm also working on making jewelry and making art out of unique mediums. I'm really looking for the 2-3 things that are really ME in an artistic form.

I'm really, truly addicted to the Internet, whether on my phone or lap top, so I use this love of technology to help me find my artistic way. I love love love to research artistic sites, coupon sites, etc. Anything and everything that can help me either a) do an art project/learn a new process, 2) save me money or 3) teach me a new recipe to use in the kitchen. Today I came across a project that marries two of my loves together... art and food.


NERDS have long been my favorite candy (well, Sourpatch Kids, too!), especially the pink/purple ones, strawberry and grape. In early October I went on a hunt to find all the flavors available in my area, which was actually quite a challenge! Actually, Greenville, SC doesn't really offer much of a variety and seems to hide these delicious creatures from its citizens! (If you're looking, though, I can normally find them at BP and Spinx gas stations, otherwise you can get the rainbow packs at most big chain stores). Luckily on a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC to see my bestie I came across a plethora of options in a random gas station for a bathroom break. I nearly bought them out...ha! The pic here shows my FAV flavors that I found there. Needless to say, they didn't last long, but they were seriously enjoyed by me and Alex! (BTW... I'm sooo glad he shares my passion for these, although we do fight over them!! ha!) Since then I haven't seen many of these flavors again... if you have, please share! :)

So back to the moral of this little blog... someone read my heart's desire and posted an article on making art (specifically, portraits) out of NERDS!!! Clearly I'm excited by this, seeing as how I'm writing on and on about it, so I decided to share it with you. I'm totally down to do this project first off because NERDS clearly rock my socks, but also I bought several boxes of the rainbow ones a few months back in an effort to fulfill my cravings for the strawberry/grape ones that I couldn't find at the time and never ate them (they just aren't the same all thrown in the same package - I like them in their own little compartments). Glad I kept them for a rainy day, though!

I got this info off of by a gentleman named Andrew Salomone, who makes artwork derived from popular culture. He is also a college art professor.... go figure! Here's what he's done below:

first image 

So all I need now is a great idea for a humorous piece of art to show my lighter side... I'll need to do some thinking on this one! Any ideas from you readers on what you'd like to see???

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