Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grilling in the kitchen? I think so!

So, my mom is awesome and bought me a stove-top grill/griddle for Christmas. I'm in love with this thing and have now decided that every home should have one. So go out and get yours tonight, ok? :) It goes across 2 burners (you can use 1 or both, depending on the size of your meal) and pretty evenly distributes the heat, even across the middle.

It's pretty much just a way better version of a George Foreman grill - easier to clean, faster to use and just as "healthy", depending on what exactly you're cooking. :) It doesn't even need any non-stick spray to produce fantastic results. It's basically bringing the indoor taste of grilled foods we all love right to your stove top!

I've owned it a month as of today and so far I've made bacon on it, pancakes, grilled hamburgers, bratwursts and chicken. It's tha bomb! All of the food has been super yummy and for the most part, it cleans up super easily. I'll admit, cleaning the grates on the grill side are quite tedious, but that's what men were invited for, right?! :) hehe jk.

My favorite thing I'm made on it so far is turkey bacon. It's one of my new fav breakfast foods, seeing as how it doesn't have quite as much fat and is often the best price (because many coupons are available to encourage you to purchase it!). I normally make it in the microwave on my special bacon plate (also thanks to mom!) but this bacon tastes amazingly better on the stove top griddle! You must try it! I kept it on a pretty long time so it got semi-burned and it was yummmmmyyyyyyyy that way! The fat drains right off into the side wells and the grittle side is especially easy to clean up in a snap and reuse. My 2nd fav has been making mini-hamburgers. They are so darn cute and cook up in probably 1 min per side. A quick and enjoyable dinner.

I used this contraption every day while we were "snowed in" and we had great gormet "Lauren style" breakfasts and dinners. Thanks, mom!

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