Saturday, January 26, 2008

People..., Miss America, the Real World, et al

People: Are crazy! A guy called me today and asked if Mary Kay sold sexy toys. I promptly told him NO and politely tried to get off the phone with him. He even requested a "home visit" today... I don't think so! haha. The sad part is, he was dead serious.

Also: Just a note: If someone calls you and you don't wish to speak to them, please know that it is impolite to hang up the phone on them. I think a lot of people missed this little tid-bit during phone etiquette training. And p/s I've always wanted to teach a course on that.


I have gotten really into watching that show Miss America, Reality Check on TLC and I'm really looking forward to watching the 2008 pageant on TV 2nite! After watching this show about them I think I'll enjoy the actual pageant better because now I feel like I "know" them... may sound lame but it's my entertainment for the night! I've been on the go a lot so this will be a welcomed break! :D Go miss South Carolina!

And double dork: I'm watching a rerun of Miss America 2007 right now on CMT.


MTV's the Real World: I want someone I know to be on this show!

I spent part of last week begging my sister to send in a tape for this show, only to find out the deadline was like last Wed or something. Boo! Next year I am making her do it; I think she is the perfect candidate, whether she knows it or not. Maybe I can send in a secret entry for her?

My parents would probably fall-out if that ever happened (aka if she was on the show) but I would be thrilled. I know that show is crazy but I still love it. I am just a big people-watcher and love nearly any show that allows me to do that (RW, Big Brother, Bad Girl's Club, True Life, etc). I admit I'm a reality show lover.

I think I am too told to try out for the Real World now but I would like to send in stuff for Big Brother, only I don't think I can since my dad works for CBS. What other shows can I be on?


Katherine said...

Have you gotten the car yet? That's so awesome! I know you'll have so much fun in it!

LC said...

I wish the car would come but unfortunately it's not here yet. :( It takes b/t 10-12 weeks for arrival since they are custom built, custom painted, etc. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next week! Next week will be 10 weeks! :D