Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is 24 hours enough?

24 hours in a day
8 hours of sleep = 16 hours left
1 hour to get ready = 15 hours left
What in the world did I do for 15 hours today? I feels like a LOT but it felt like the time flew by at the same time.

BB&T bought me lunch... yessss! Had a meeting with 2 loan specialists to work out a deal to help my new MK consultants establish a positive credit rating. That just makes me feel awesome; knowing I can help someone like that in the long run of life. I cleaned the house like a crazy person, had 7 guests over tonight for facials and training and then chatted with Courtney like a crazy lady... we both have the gift of gab. ;-) haha

I am thrilled to say January is coming together in a great way! My MK team is doing so great this month and I am definitely a proud mama! Several of us participated in the Anderson, SC bridal festival a few weeks ago and it has made for a boom in business! I am also participating in the Greenville festival this Sat. I will definitely be busy calling people but it will soooo be worth it!

And lastly... I am watching some David Blaine show. He just did a card trick for the audience (aka me sitting at home) and said to pick a card. I picked a card and that was the one he showed on the screen. Creepy... he is one talented FOOL! I could watch him for hours. He freaks me out!

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