Friday, February 8, 2008

Oops, it's been a while!

Well I had just about forgotten about this thing... Here are some updates...

It's been a pretty busy last week and a half or so. STILL waiting on the arrival of my Mary Kay car. I am convinced the car dealership is holding my car hostage. Other people got their cars this week... is it really that hard to ship a car to Greenville, SC?

On a brighter note my "business month" is off to a great start! We already have 3 new business partners and I expect to get 2 more tomorrow! I am in awe of our team and how we seem to get stronger and stronger each month. It feels so good to have a successful business that I run myself from the comfort of my own home. I love all my friends and couldn't really ask for more!

I have another business meeting with BB&T tomorrow to start hosting classes to educate my MK Unit on money management, credit scores, etc. Who knows, I might get another free lunch out of it! I'm not sure why they want to help me out so much but I won't complain - I'll just accept their help and be thankful!


I had an interesting experience yesterday when Brandon had me try an Indian restaurant for the first time. The bread we had was my favorite by far but the overall meal was great too. The funniest part was when we ordered a vegetarian platter for our appetizer and I was cutting everything in half and asking him what everything was and his response every time was "I have no idea." I couldn't stop laughing at first. We were the only couple in the restaurant (they had juts opened for the night) so our conversation was really loud for everyone to hear (or at least it felt loud to me!). After the meal 2 different waiters kept coming by asking me if I liked my meal and wanted to know why I didn't eat it all...... I'm sorry people, but I can't eat 5lbs of food in one sitting! Apparently I hurt the cooks feelings or something...?

When we paid the bill they gave us both a pack of "Chewing Mix" that the waiter said was a breath freshner. The entire package was illegible to me so I opened it and man, was I surprized by the contents. I guess I expected normal looking gum or candy but neither was in that package. It smelled sick - it looked like potpourri. I can't remember exactly what it was but basically spices, flowers, etc. I dared Brandon to pour the whole thing in his mouth... he did and I've never seen such a sick and shocked look on his face. One plus I'll give it was it got rid of the smell of the curry chicken he ate...haha. Interesting experience to say the least. :)

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