Friday, January 18, 2008

It snowed... and now it's almost gone.

I am writing to tell you (and help myself remember) that it snowed here yesterday! I definitely enjoyed watching it fall and KNOWING I didn't have to wake up in the morning and be forced to drive to a job I hate. I was able to work from home all day... however, I did leave to get a pizza, which I feel guilty about... haha. :)

Here... look at my pretty house in the snow!

I literally almost talked to every single person I love today. I guess it was a day for "catching up" since everyone was home. I quite enjoyed chatting all day, drinking yummy coffee and playing with my new hair cut and the kitties.

Oh yeah, I got my hair cut. I almost forgot! I got a whopping 10-12 inches cut off (not exactly sure of the amount b/c I just kept having her cut it little by little)! eeeeek! But I'm really loving it and I am planning to go a little shorter on Monday. It's still to inbetween styles for me - I want it to look like more of an on purpose hair style/cut. I am excited to say it only takes about 5 min to dry my hair vs. the 15 min it had been taking... not to mention another 10 to straighten it and if I wanted it curly I had to budget about another 25 min. That was some longass hair! I loved it and I will miss it but I'm going to enjoy short while I have the guts to!

Want to see what it looks like? Here you go: (I don't have any great pics yet, so just deal.)

I had the entire day today to get things done but of course I didn't do it.... darn me! I am the worst procrastinator sometimes. I'm either in work mode or lazy mode; there isn't much inbetween! I did make $50 today sitting on my booty, so I guess it was an okay day! ;-)

Ummm....what else is going on? I am getting ready for a bridal fair in Anderson on Saturday for my MK business. It is going to be great, but definitely a lot of work. I can safely say we will all be very tired Sat. night. And it will all be worth it!

My mom has also been really sick... well maybe "sick" isn't the word, but she's hurt. She somehow hurt her back/shoulder really bad and has basically been crippled and confined to a recliner for a week now. I hope she will go back to the doctor today because it's starting to scare me a little. She doesn't take good enough care of herself because she's always worrying about family, work, how the house looks, etc. I hope my sis will force her to get looked at again tomorrow so she can get back on track to feeling better. You'd think a combo of 5-6 pain pills and muscle relaxers would help at least a little... but so far all it's done is make her puke. Yum! Bleck.

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